SZW illustrations

Client: Gridd
Partner: Pieter Geljon for the animations
Subject: Designing and illustrating all the characters and images of an animation (internal use only) for the SZW.

For the Ministry of SZW (Social Affairs and Employment) a total of 5 animations were made. I was tasked to make the storyboards, the characters and the visual material. It’s a project where I can’t really talk about the content, but it was a lot of fun to do. The collaboration with the animator also went very well. In addition to the visual material for the animation, I was also able to make the design and illustrations for the accompanying leaflet newspaper.

Scene uit SZW animatie
Scene uit SZW animatie
Lady sitting behind desk calling to say it's ok to work at home
Lady talking to man drying his tears
Gentleman working from home with leg in plaster
View of SZW building in Den Haag

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