Client: Instruct Publishing
Subject: Illustrate a prompting board about digital literacy for the DIGIT teaching method with 6 different themes for primary and secondary schools.

Memes, phishing, likes, QR codes, hashtags, algorithms, cookies, fake news…. these are just a few of the terms you’ll be coming across on the internet. But what does it really mean? How familiar are you with the digital world? The illustrated poster I made for the DIGIT teaching method shows all these terms and topics in a playful manner. Often with a twist, because an illustration with some humour tends to stick around a bit longer.

It was great fun to think up all kinds of different situations and to have so much freedom in drawing the characters. Sometimes it was necessary to think outside the box when an idea had to be completely different because of the use of a logo. A parody of an existing company is allowed, but you can’t just copy and paste a logo. Often you can only use the name, other companies make an exception for educational use. For example, Google does not approve if you use the name in a different font but with the same colors as the logo.

A few of my favorites from the illustrated poster.

The illustration is printed as a folding A2 poster with all the explanations on the back and an extra large A1 poster. There is a also version that can be used as a sticker sheet.

Poster met een kartonnen koker eronder

Interested in ordering the DIGIT poster for your school or class? Then request the poster here. Shipped in the Netherlands only, sorry 🙂

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