Family celebration

Clients: Gemeente Enschede, Queenie Productions
Subject: Making of a prompting board with the subject ‘family celebration’.

This time we’re having fun with Pim’s family. It’s Pim’s birthday. The theme ‘celebration with family’ is depicted on this prompting board. Okay, a few classmates have also been invited! The grandfather and grandmother are somewhat based on my Surinam grandfather and grandmother on my father’s side. My grandmother could bake delicious pasties.

prompting board family celebration
There’s a lot of things happening in Pim’s garden.
Concept of family celebration
Like the other prompting boards everything is first build in 3D and then sketched on top.

For ‘Learning Dutch with Pim’ I’ve made several different prompting boards. Want to know more about Pim? Learn all about it here.

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