Clients: Elisa Ostet and Sebastian Piest
Subject: Making illustrations and graphics for an online wedding.

The date had been chosen, the ‘save the date’ had already been carefully designed. But 2020 turned out differently than expected. Plans were adjusted and the big wedding that the couple had in mind suddenly had to become a lot smaller.

Verschillende illustratie assets die Elisa kon gebruiken
The graphically savvy bride worked with the illustration ‘assets’ that I supplied.

But Elisa and Sebastian are not the type to give up. With Elisa’s experience and connections in media, a live stream was quickly arranged. Coupled with a facebook event, everyone could still enjoy the wedding. Anneke Sinnema and I were asked to be moderators, so we could keep everything running smoothly online.

230 / 5000


But how do you make a Facebook wedding more fun? With illustrations, of course! The style had already been devised, the photos already taken by Reza. I also had the illustration assets ready. Art deco, theater, show. Let’s do this!

bruiloft plaatje die de countdown naar de livestream aangeeft
We begonnen natuurlijk met het opwarmen van het publiek
builoft plaatje wat je uitnodigd om mee te chatten
bruiloft plaatje voor de wedding afterparty
Bruiloft plaatje met dansend koppel, now live
Bruiloft plaatje met LP

I had a great time doing this and I’m very happy that I was able to contribute to this little bright spot in 2020.

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