Renewed website

Finally my new website is live. A website that not only shows my illustrations, but also tells a bit more about them. A website that is cheerful, but also vivid, clear and readable. Something that I as an illustrator also want to convey. Of course, there is still a little work left to do, and information I need to add (some illustrations are missing in the English version). But I am very happy with it so far.

Schets van zwevende meisje zoals in de header
It all started with this sketch that I made on the iPad in Procreate

My husband has done his utmost best and had some admirable patience to help me with the layout and especially the header. “Yes, I want her to float, but not too annoying and not too fast, more to the left, more to the right, the slipper floats too far, no not like that … etc”. The result is a memorable header illustration that does not bore easily and also works great on mobile.

Why planets and stars? Ever since I was a little girl, I like to look at the starry sky. My real name Corona stands for the halo that you see when there’s a solar eclipse. I know that name means something different and sad to many now, but my hope is still among the stars. Of course I hope you’ll come back regularly to have a look at the website. And if you need illustrations, you know where to find me!

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